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Ad Title:
Food Distribution Based Monitoring and Reporting Software
Ad Publish Date:
July 8, 2019
Purchasing Agent/Entity:
Department of Agriculture
Bid/Submittal Due Date:
July 17, 2019 - 12:00pm


Harvest Hope, the largest food bank network in the state has already implemented the Link2Feed software in their operation. If SCDA was to implement another computer-based monitoring and reporting software at the other state-wide food banks, Harvest Hope would require SCDA to pay $19,475 for the startup and implementation costs of the new system. By implementing the Link2Feed software at all the food distribution sites across the state, SCDA can ensure each site has compatible reporting software thus streamlining the required reporting process of the two federally funded food distribution programs. For the reasons stated above SCDA determined it is in the best interest of the State and the Agency to conduct a sole source procurement for the computer-based monitoring and reporting software from Link2Feed USA Inc, due to the compatibility of the software and the cost savings to the tax payers.


The scope of work for this requirement is as follows:

The company must be able to provide a food distribution-based software for the purpose of overseeing, monitoring, and reporting on two federally funded food distribution programs (TEFAP and CSFP). Specifically, the program must be able to generate monthly inventory reports, quarterly financial reports, and yearly demographics reports. The first step would be for the vendor to train three superusers at the state level. After that, those users would then train the three remaining food banks. It will be the responsibility of each food bank to train their network, with state assistance when needed. The roll out period for this requirement is three years.


The software must meet the following requirements:

  • • Be cloud based
  • • Support bar code scanning at the lowest user interface level
  • • Must provide visibility of up to 460 local agencies to the state level
  • • Must be expandable for future growth
  • • Provide unlimited user accounts
  • • Must be secure and encrypted hosting
  • • Provide data storage and back up
  • • Provide yearly system updates

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The vendor must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered responsible:

  • • Have previous experience with roll out and support at the state level
  • Provide 24-hour unlimited technical support
  • • Be able to support a roll out of up to 3 years
  • Provide training for 3 state level super users (the contractor would not be expected to go to every site)
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James W. Boutchyard
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