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Ad Title:
Intent to Sole Source
Ad Publish Date:
August 9, 2019
Purchasing Agent/Entity:
Department of Administration
Bid/Submittal Due Date:
August 19, 2019 - 5:00pm

The South Carolina Department of Administration, Division of Technology Operations (DTO), in accordance with South Carolina Procurement Code, Section 11-35-1560 and regulation 19-445.2105, is providing public notice of the intent to award a sole source contract to Consolidated Mail Services, LLC, (CMA). The value of the contract is $75,000.00.

CMA was awarded the Variable Print and Mail Presort Services Contract (#4400020871). As a part of the transition process, CMA hired many of the current DTO print shop employees in an effort to retain the specialized knowledge associated with efficiently operating the print shop and all of the unique machinery. To maintain operations, DTO is seeking to award a sole source contract to CMA on the basis that: 1) CMA’s employees retain the unique knowledge and skills required to finalize all outstanding projects while also maintaining efficiency until the transition and 2) the time required to identify, procure and train individuals with similar skillsets and/or knowledge would require ceasing critical printing operations.   

The intent to award a sole source contract is made on the basis that CMA, who hired the former DTO print shop employees, is uniquely positioned to provide the specialized workforce that is required to efficiency and effectively operate the uniquely configured print shop during the transition period prior to contract commencement within the terms and conditions of the current contract for Variable Print and Mail Presort Services.

Please see South Carolina Code of Laws Section 11-35-421(1): Right to Protest for information relating to protest rights.

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Not Applicable
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Matthew Hall
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