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Ad Category: Construction
Ad Start Date: October 29, 2019
Agency/Owner: McCormick Commission of Pubilic Works
Project Name: McCormick Commission of Public Works Water Meter Replacement
Project Number: 172106
Construction Cost Range: Not Applicable
Project Location: Town of McCormick, South Carolina
Description of Project/Services:

McCormick CPW seeks to procure by competitive proposal the purchase and installation of approximately 1,200 water meters, registers, transmitters, AMR System, installation, software, mobile data collection units, meter boxes, lids, antennae, backflow preventers, and all necessary pipe, fittings and appurtenances as may be required to install the new meters.  All the Work will be completed and ready for final payment within 180 calendar days after Owner issued NTP.

Bid/Submittal Due Date & Time: December 5, 2019 - 2:00pm
Number of Bid/Submittal Copies: 1
Project Delivery Method: Other
Agency Project Coordinator: Adam Hedden
Telephone: 864-852-2224
Documents May Be Obtained From: Turnipseed Engineers, 4210 Columbia Road, Building 3, Augusta, Georgia 30907. (706) 863-8800. $25.00 deposit required. Contact for details.
Project Details:
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