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Advertising Information for Buyers Working in SCEIS

 When building a solicitation in SCEIS, the buyer must choose a SCBO specific category in order to have an advertisement of his solicitation sent to SCBO. If your solicitation is UNDER $10,000, you either need to leave the category blank or choose "No Ad" and no ad will be sent to SCBO.

A program has been created for the purpose of getting ads for solicitations created in SCEIS to SCBO. When you publish an over-$10,000 solicitation to the internet for which you have chosen a category, an ad is generated and sent to SCBO on the next hour (i.e. If you publish a solicitation at 10:45am, the ad will be sent to SCBO at 11:00am) You will receive confirmation of this fact from SCEIS and from SCBO. Once you publish your ad, you should look for both of these confirmations.

The ad in your confirmation from SCEIS is the same one SCBO is sent. It is a good idea to check the confirmation ad for accuracy. Also, if there is any additional information you want included in your ad or if you would like SCBO to use an improved description, email the information to us.

In considering a date for an opening or other mandatory event, a buyer should think about when the ad will be received by SCBO, as well as when the next SCBO will be published:

  • SCBO comes out daily.
  • The deadline for ads is noon for that day's edition.
  • To be in compliance with the SC Procurement Code there must be a minimum of 7 days between advertisement of a solicitation in SCBO and the" Submit By" date or mandatory site visit, pre-bid or pre-proposal conference.
  • If an ad appears in SCBO, the solicitation it advertises must be due no sooner than one week later or any day thereafter.

If you amend a solicitation, you are not required to re-advertise in SCBO. You can re-advertise, if you wish, if you are changing information contained in the original ad. You do this in the Buyer's Main Menu in ECC. There is a U-perform on the SCEIS website that will walk you though how to re-advertise in SCBO.

Words to the wise: Consider your dates carefully before publishing your solicitation. Look for your confirmation from SCBO to be sure your ad arrived in SCBO's email. Check the SCBO your ad was to run in to make sure it is there and that it is accurate.